Funny Jokes | Bar Jokes | Bob Goes Into A Cafe And Takes A Seat Near The Window

Bob goes into a cafe and takes a seat near the window. The waitress comes to take his order, and he asks her, "What's the special of the day?" "Chili," she says, "but the gentleman next to you got the last bowl." Not taken with anything else on the menu Bob says he'll just have coffee, and the waitress goes to fetch it. As he waits, Bob notices the man next to him is eating a full lunch, and the bowl of chili remains uneaten. "Excuse me sir", enquires Bob, "Are you going to eat your chili?" "No, help yourself," replies his neighbour. Bob picks up a spoon and eagerly begins devouring the chili, but stops half way through the bowl, upon discovering the body of a dead mouse in the bottom of the bowl. Sickened, he pukes the chili he's just eaten back into the bowl. The man sitting next to him leans over and says, "Yeah, that's as far as I got, too."