Various Jokes: Here Was A Devil Witch Had A Daughter That 3 Guys Wanted 2 Marry A Puerto Ricana White Guy And A Black Guy

Here was a devil witch had a daughter that 3 guys wanted 2 marry a puerto rican,a white guy, and a black guy. the devil said ok in order 2 marry my doughter u have 2 cut off ur dick and put it in my hand if it melts u cant marry her. so he Puerto Rican cuts his off puts it in the devils hand and it melts the devil said "u cant marry my daughter".the white guy cuts his off and it melts the devil said "u cant marry my daughter".then the black guy cuts is off and puts it in the devils hand and the devil says "ummm why isnt it melting?" and the black guy says"because chocolate melts in your mouth not in your hand!"


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