Computer Jokes: The Latest Report On Windows New Error Codes Assigned

The Latest Report on Windows: New Error Codes Assigned Winerr 000 - Unexpected Intelligent User Detected; Please Reload Everything Winerr 001 - Intimidation Failed; Attempting to Crash Repeatedly Winerr 002 - Erroneous Error; No Error Occurred (Yet) Winerr 003 - RAM Depleted; Annex Japan (Y/N)? Winerr 004 - Deluxe Error. Please Send $75 to Upgrade Your Error Winerr 005 - Long File Name Error; Tape Erased to Make Room for Filename Winerr 006 - Insufficient RAM to Crash Properly; Attempting Fake Crash Winerr 007 - Alphanumeric Sequence "OS2" Prohibited Winerr 008 - This License Has Expired; Please Purchase Another Copy Winerr 009 - Error Buffer Overflow; Too Many Errors Winerr 00A - Non-Microsoft Application Encountered Winerr 00B - Push Error; Removing Files to Make Room for Advertisement Winerr 00C - Windows Loaded Correctly This Time Winerr 00D - User Error; Lemming Not Found Winerr 00E - Open Standard Encountered; Attempting to Redmondize Winerr 00F - Reserved for Future Coding Errors Winerr 010 - Virus Error - Other Applications Will Be Closed Instead Winerr 011 - Orwell Not Found; You Must Use MSN Winerr 012 - Cash Underflow - Credit Card Number Will Be Assimilated Winerr 013 - Keyboard Error; User Must Learn to Slow Down Winerr 014 - User Error; Reading License Agreement Mandatory to Continue Winerr 015 - Error Message Deleted Winerr 016 - Expected Error Did Not Occur; Attempting to Restart Error Sequence Winerr 017 - Multitasking Attempted; System Confused Winerr 018 - Network Error - Your Crash Will Be Replicated to All Stations Winerr 019 - Freedom-of-Choice Error; Select a Microsoft Browser To Continue Winerr 01A - Insult Detected -- Your Bill Gates Joke Will Be Deleted Winerr 01B - Error Removing Temp File; a Permanent File Will Be Substituted Winerr 01C - Wrong Disk Formatted. Sorry About That. Winerr 01D - Mandatory Error Inserted to Meet Error Quota Winerr 01E - Please Insert Your Favorite Error Here Winerr 01F - Error In Progress; Please Wait.... Winerr 020 - Unknown Error Occurred But Was Lost. Windows Will Try To Remember Winerr 021 - Error Parsing Error List; Please Wait For Next Error Winerr 022 - Upgrade Error; Please Format Your Drive And Reload Everything

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