Various Jokes: One Day Three Sotho Children Came To Johannesburg Wanting To Learn English

One day three sotho children came to Johannesburg wanting to learn english. they find a school an one went to sit in the back of the class and heard the teacher say ''who read our first paragraph'' and three shouted we three!then that sotho child ran out to tell the freinds.then the second one went in and heard the teacher say''for the sake of money?'' aand ran out and told the feinds,the third was jelous so then went in and hard the teacher say the sooner the better!. along the way home hey saw a dead man on the roadside and a police man came running and said who killed this man? non of them knew what he was talking about so the first one said we three the police man was shocked and said why? the second one said for the sake of money then the police-man said to them i better lock you up in jail and at last the third one said the sooer the better and the police threw them in jail.


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