Various Jokes: Did You Hear About The Alabama Lottery

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Random Various Jokes:

One Day Little Danny Was In Sunday School And The Preacher Asked What Part Of The Body Went To Heaven First
Two Men Are Approaching Each Other On A Sidewalk
What Do You Call A Cross Between Cold Weather And The Word Ito
A Guy Is Walking Past A Big Wooden Fence At The Insane Asylum And He Hears All The Residents Inside Chanting Thirteen
Politicians R Like Diapers
Five Surgeons Are Discussing Who Makes The Best Patients On The Operating Table
Canada In View Of Recent Events Will Be Changing The Maple Leaf On The Flag To A Marijuana Plant
Shannon Is So Lose She Could Be A Wide Reciver
Bill And Ned Walk Into A Fast Food Joint One Afternoon To Get Lunch
Fifty-one Years Ago Herman James A North Carolina Mountain Man Was Drafted By The Army
Word Scramble
One Day A Secretary Is Leaving On Her Lunch Break And She Notices Her Boss Standing In Front Of A Shredder
What Do U Call 100 Nuns In A Shop
You Are Driving Along In Your Car On A Wild Stormy Night
Why Did The Rooster Cross The Basketball Court
Here Was A Priest He Trained His Horse To Respond When He Said Praise The Lord And Hallejuelah
There Is 3 Men One From Ireland One From America And One From Australia
Why Do Iraqis Only Have 2 Pallbearers At Their Funerals
What Do Donkeys Send Out Near Christmas
Once There Was A Little Boy Who Asked His Mother
What Did The Maxi Pad Say To The Fart
An Old Indian Chief Sat In His Hut On The Reservations Smoking A Ceremonial Pipe
Alabama Dumb Laws
The Two Thousand Member Baptist Church Was Filled
What Do You Get When You Pass A Donkey And A Onion
The Seven Dwarfs Were Sitting In A Tub Feeling Happy
A Hunter Kills A Deer And Brings It Home
What Do The Female Reindeer Do When Santa Takes The Male Reindeer Out On Christmas Eve
What Do You Call A Mexican With A Vasectomy
What Do You Call A Gay Guy On An Airplane
A Fisherman Returned To Shore With A Giant Marlin That Was Bigger And Heavier Than He
Over 5000 Years Ago Moses Said To The Children Of Israel Pick Up Your Shovels Mount Your Asses And Camels
Guy Came Home From Church On Sunday Afternoon With Two Black Eyes
Seems A Guy Was Driving For Hours Thu Desolate Country When He Passed A Farmhouse And Before He Could React A Cat Ran Out In Front Of Him
There Were Three Kids And When They Where Two One Asked Her Mom
A Woman Is In Line At The Grocery Store Putting Her Groceries On The Conveyor Belt
May A Weird Customs Inspector Discover A
What Is The Difference Between A Woman A Pool Table
A Little Boy Got On The Bus Sat Next To A Man Reading A Book And Noticed He Had His Collar On Backwards
Funny Quotes About Life's Little Frustrations
An Asian Man Walked Into The Currency Exchange In New York With 2000 Japanese Yen And Walked Out With 72 Dollars
Heres A Little Clarification Of Corporate Lingo
A Bus Driver Carrying Eighteen Passengers Had An Accident In Which 50 Persons Died
Two Polish Hunters Were Driving Through The Country To Go Bear Hunting
Two Cellphones Had A Baby
One Day A Man Decided To Drive His Motorcycle At Full Speed Down An Empty Street
A Brunette Is Walking Through The Country When She Finds A Bottle
God Says To This Man Come Forth And I Will Grant You Eternal Life
Comparing Prices To Gasoline
One Afternoon A Carpet Layer Had Just Finished Installing Carpet For A Lady