Various Jokes: Why Is It So Difficult To Find Men Who Are Caring Sensitive And Good-looking

Why is it so difficult to find men who are caring, sensitive, and good-looking? They already have boyfriends.


Random Various Jokes:

Girls Is Time X Money
Hey Did You Hear About The Cannibal Who Arrived Late To The Dinner Party
What Is Six Inches Long With A Head
A Marine And Navy-man Are In The Bathroom Together
It Was Reported The Other Day That Nine Out Of Ten Cows Were Being Infected By A Mad Cow
The Year Was 1876 A Lone Stage Coach Rumbled Along A Road In Texas
After Praying Nonstop For Eight Years God Finally Decided To Grant A Man Three Wishes
A Jumbo-sized Freshman Went To Try Out For The Football Team
If Girls With Big Boobies Work At Hooters
There Is 3 Men One From Ireland One From America And One From Australia
A Man Goes To The Nursing Home To Visit His 84 Year-old Father
A Judge Working A Double-homicide Case Tells The Defendant You Re Charged With Beating Your Wife To Death With A Hammer
Hard Work Has A Future Payoff
Ad Seen In The New York Times
What Do Gay Termites Eat
Sex Is Like A Bank Account
A Professor Invented A Lie Detecting Chair
Have I Told You The Joke About The Body Snatchers
There Is A Very Very Tall Coconut Tree And There Are 4 Animals A Lion A Chimpanzee A Giraffe And A Squirrel Who Pass By
The man entered his home and was absolutely delighted
Bubba Died In A Fire And His Body Was Burned Pretty Badly
The Beer Prayer
Two Hunters Decide To Go Moose Hunting In Canada
Why Are There So Many Trees Along The Streets Of Paris
An Elderly Man In North Carolina Had Owned A Large Farm For Several Years
Why Did The Monkey Fall Out Of The Tree
What Do Saddam And Miss Muffet Have In Common
Bubba Died In A Fire In His Trailer
What Do You Get When You Cross A Fortune Teller With A Prostitute
A Lady Decides To Make 2 Muffins
Ever Wonder Why The IRS Calls It Form 1040
Somebody Recent Vandalized The Local Nudist Camp
A Middle Aged Guy And His Teenage Daughter Were Riding A Motor Bike And Taking A Shortcut Through A Darkened Park
Their Were Three Mountain Climbers One Found A Lamp He Rubbed It There Poped Up Jenie The Jenie Said You Three Get Each Three Wishes
What Does A Old Posty Bike And A Fat Girl Have In Common
An Asian Man Walked Into The Currency Exchange In New York With 2000 Japanese Yen And Walked Out With 72 Dollars
A Man Dies And Goes To Hell
How Do You Spell Mississippi Without Eyes
I The Penis Hereby Request A Raise In Salary For The Following Reasons
How Did The Bee Hurt His Back
A Truck Driver Was Driving Along On The Freeway
What Do You Get When You Cross A Pig
Ur Doodle Is So Fat The Only Way U Could Lose Your
Skinny Little White Guy Goes Into An Elevator Looks Up And Sees This HUGE Black Guy Standing Next To Him
Santa Claus Makes His Way Down The Chimney And Is Met By A Lovely Young Woman In A Robe
Over 5000 Years Ago Moses Said To The Children Of Israel Pick Up Your Shovels Mount Your Asses And Camels
Three Kids Come Down To The Kitchen And Sit Around The Breakfast Table
What Do You Get When You Eat A Prune Pizza
A Loaded Mini Van Pulled In To The Only Remaining Campsite